As you prepare your workspaces to, once again, accommodate employees, Extron has some ideas that will smooth the transition. Some of these involve new technologies; while many involve using built-in features on your existing Extron products. As you'll see below, IOT automation is playing a big role in helping employees and employers feel safer.
The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for how organizations work. Even as the virus battle continues, organizations are looking for ways to function beyond the initial crash into social distancing, employees and teams working from home, and disrupted operations. This is what many call “the next normal."
Government agencies and public health experts believe these conditions will persist for the next two years. Even as the economy reopens, organizations will need to take precautions to safeguard the health of their employees and customers.
Technology can help organizations like yours to do just that. Through smart investments, it can return your organization to a productive state and improve outco res relative to pre pandemic levels.
Net-AV our goal is to help you make the most of your technology investments. Now. more than ever, we aim to give you the resources and support to keep your organization healthy and thriving in the next normal.

Meeting Spaces

With more employees working from home, organizations have had to reassess their use of meeting spaces. Along with new protocols surrounding social distancing, employees will need to think creatively when it comes to how and where to hold their in-office meetings and their remote conference calls.

Even with potentially fewer scheduled meetings, conference rooms and huddle spaces will still need to be used for small groups and for remote collaboration. While entering and using these rooms, many employees will avoid frequently-touched surfaces, such as light switches, blind cords, and physical user interfaces, such as touchpanels and button panels.

Online Learning and Virtual Classrooms

As organizations look for the best way to enable remote communications, learning, and training, finding the right technology to record, stream, and publish content becomes increasingly important. Extron streaming solutions connect students and employees to live or on-demand content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn't a new concept. Many organizations, though, resisted making full investments in cloud infrastructure. Through cloud-based servers and resources, we can help you ensure sustainability and access to critical applications, support, and data to keep your organization running regardless of where your employees and customers are.

Hands-Free Automation

Meeting spaces with video collaboration enable team members to meet regardless of their location. Occupancy sensors inside a room detect motion and automatically turn on devices so that the room is ready for you when you enter. In this room, an Extron HD CTL 100 Workspace Controller is used with the OCS 100C, enabling automated display control whenever the room is occupied. The system will automatically turn off after eight minutes of inactivity.

Touchless Control

To address concerns about direct user interaction with systems, Extron has many touchless control options available that permit the use of an App or a QR code to automate system functions from a mobile device. All our apps are free on Google Play or the App Store.

Wayfinding and Messaging

There are options you may use to inform people of room availability and other vital information as they return to work. Here are a few ways you can use Extron technology to help communicate these messages.

As meeting room occupancy numbers shrink, finding a suitable meeting space will be a challenge. The Extron TLSI 201 connects directly with our Room Scheduling panels and provides real-time meeting space availability, status, and location information using a centralized display. You can locate and book meeting spaces for the day or week on an interactive list or map with ease. No additional programming or external processors is required.