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Needs Analysis, System Design & Lifecycle Planning

The world of technology is constantly changing and evolving. Do you have time in your busy day to research the latest up-and-coming technologies and to stay abreast of new government and regulatory shifts that impact the ways we use technology and how we communicate? Outsource that hassle to Net-AV. Our technology professionals keep on top of the latest technologies and what is coming down the road so you don’t have to!

Installation and Integration

Installation and integration of a professional AV or unified communications system is far more involved than simply picking up a few things from Best Buy and sticking them on the wall. A professionally installed and integrated AV system requires skill and talent with several technical fields (optics, acoustics, signal flow) as well as an attention to detail and care in workmanship that is too often overlooked nowadays. Haphazard or careless installation can cause a host of problems, ranging from the mild (fuzzy image or crackly audio) to the severe (completely non-functioning system) to the extreme (speakers falling, damage to property or person). When you install a new system at your company or agency, don’t assume just anyone can safely, properly and correctly install it! You need a professional firm with certifications and experience to back them up. And you need a professional firm that can work with your other trades and your facilities staff to get the job done correctly, the first time. You need Net-AV.

Facilities Integration  |  Project Management  | Trades Coordination

Net-AV never loses sight of the big picture. We approach each project with a zeal for finding the optimal solution to maximize your resources to deliver a properly integrated system that meets your specific needs. Net-AV provides expert guidance and management to all project personnel: Electrical, HVAC, Lighting, Data and Networking, Telecommunications, Facilities, Construction, and IT. Our installers are skilled, not just in AV or IT, but in construction, electrical, and a host of other trades, to provide you with seamless and expert installation, every time. We even have a Certified Master Locksmith on staff!

Programming and Configuration

Regardless of what equipment your system includes, our in-house staff of engineers and programmers can configure or program the equipment to work optimally even if changes are made to the system. Additionally, Net-AV maintains a close network of partner companies, including certified independent programmers, who can also complete your programming and configuration to our exacting standards.

Maintenance Contracts, Warranty Support, and Service and Support SLAs

Whether you have a legacy system, a new system by a different vendor, or a system designed and installed by Net-AV, we can provide maintenance contracts, warranty support, and service and support SLAs to keep your systems healthy and operational with minimal or no downtime. Service can be provided on a per-case parts-and-labor billable basis or as part of an ongoing contract.

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